Month: May 2018

Is Web Design Dying?

Every year or two, “experts” come out of hiding and spout off about the death of web design. Then, after stirring things up, they slink back to their corners and business continues as usual. Web designers continue to develop proposals, accept new clients, and build beautiful websites. So, why then, do these people continue to debate […]

Are You the Master of Your Domain?

Back in the day, Seinfeld aired one of its most memorable episodes, titled  “Master of Your Domain.” We won’t go into the specifics but the gist was that there was a bet to see who could stick to a plan without succumbing to impulse or temptation. The person who exercised the highest amount of control […]

Don’t Trust a Fat Diet Expert, a Skinny Chef, or a Digital Marketer Who Uses Cold Outreach

Would you see a dentist with bad teeth? How would you react to a financial consultant that drove a rusty 1992 Ford? Can you imagine consulting a dietician who is morbidly obese? Of course not! So, why in the world would you use a digital marketer who uses cold outreach? “Never trust a skinny cook” Unknown It just doesn’t make sense to use an “expert” that […]

How to Create a Killer Offer for Your Service Business

The ultimate purpose of every service website is to get qualified leads through the door. Without leads, your business is dead in the water. However, most people mistakenly think that SEO, paid advertising, content marketing, or even their website design will increase their number of leads. In fact, all of those tools increase traffic, not […]

How To Profitably Generate Leads For Your Service Business

If you can’t profitably generate leads for your service business, then you don’t really have a business. People don’t know how much a new customer is worth to them. How much does it cost you to get a new client? How much will a single client generate in new revenue dollars? Can you improve your […]