Month: February 2017

3 Weird Reasons Your Website Doesn’t Rank Well on Google

Rank Website on Google It can seem like some form of mysterious black magic. How on earth do some websites get on the first page of Google while other sites don’t rank at all? It just doesn’t seem to make sense. Obviously, a lot goes into SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and we’re not going to […]

How Long Does it Take to Build a New Website?

Want to know what the number 1 question I get from most potential clients? If you’re reading this article, you probably have already guessed it. That’s right. How long does it take to build a new website? The answer I give to most people is the same… It depends on several things. Depends on what? […]

Tools of Website Titans

Website Tools I owe a lot to Tim Ferriss. It was his book The 4 Hour Work Week which inspired me to quit my job eight years ago and embark on my entrepreneurial venture which ultimately turned out to be Thomas Digital. I recently got to see Tim live in San Francisco, promoting his new […]