Month: June 2017

Custom Web Design or Website Template?

Why do they make jeans for men and jeans for women? They craft both from denim and minus the bling; they look the same. We all know why. Men’s and women’s jeans fit differently. A man can put on a pair of women’s jeans, and they will cover, but they won’t feel good. It’s the […]

What is UX Design? Our UX Design Process

Getting your message to the right prospects presents a challenge. First, your website needs to rank in Google; then you have to entice the user to click on your URL. Most website marketers focus on these two hurdles and forget about the third obstacle. Even if you draw a potential customer to your site, if […]

5 Hidden Costs to Pricing Your Website Project

What does it cost to put together a good website? That is an important question, especially for companies wanting to expand their web presence. The problem lies with hidden costs. Very few people take into consideration all the factors that add to their project. To better help you set a budget for your new site, […]

Website Redesign Checklist: Do You Need to Update?

In the digital world, things change almost daily. Google keeps updating its algorithm and newer technology like voice search changes how people find your business. Today’s websites need to be super- fast, mobile-friendly, user-friendly, fully-optimized, and content-heavy. Your site also needs to look good. Just as clothing styles change, so does website design. How well is your […]